Our Coaching Platform


Our Coaching Platform

The foundation of our coaching philosophy is centered on the idea that life is a journey and that each person is on a path. For many the path they have chosen is clear. However, for a good number of people it is not always so apparent. Those are the individuals that we seek to coach. Our goal is to help our clients discover their own path whether we are working with an executive or high potential employee to enhance their leadership skills; helping someone who is considering a change in career or contemplating a new venture; or assisting an organization that wants to develop a culture of teamwork. We refer to this approach as DISCOVER COACHING and it serves as the platform for how we work with our clients.

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    Effective leadership is a function of the quality of the relationship between a leader and his or her team. To achieve the goals of any organization requires that the interaction between the leader and his or her team be one of inclusion, support, trust and respect. That is our coaching philosophy and is reflected in the following guiding principles:

    • Demonstrate that you have a sincere interest in working in tandem with your team to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.
    • Inspire your team members to buy into the vision by being honest, authentic, enthusiastic and committed.
    • Solicit ideas from individual team members and encourage them to take the initiative in situations where it will benefit the team.
    • Communicate consistently and keep everyone on the team up to speed on how the organization is performing and what challenges still lay ahead.
    • Own the final results irrespective of the outcome. As the leader you celebrate the victories and suffer the defeats along with your team members.
    • Value each individual team member’s contribution and when it’s time reward them for their effort.
    • Empathize with the team so that they know that you understand their concerns and are there for them when needed.
    • Respect all team members. This helps to build trust which is essential for the success of any organization.

    In our view success is as much about enjoying the journey as it is about achieving the goal. What this means is that when people are actively engaged in doing something that they are passionate about and are scaling new heights they are also experiencing and enjoying life as it happens. In other words they are consciously in the present as they strive towards achieving their desired objective. True success is enduring and should be experienced every day. We consider these our guiding principles when working with clients:

    • Decide what it is that you want to achieve in life and what you are most passionate about.
    • Imagine that you are engaged in a job, career, profession or vocation that brings you immense satisfaction and a deep sense of fulfillment.
    • Select a course of action that moves you towards achieving that objective.
    • Convince yourself that the path you have chosen is the right one for you.
    • Overcome setbacks by continually reminding yourself of why you are on this journey.
    • Visualize your ideal future and how realizing it makes you feel.
    • Enjoy the journey and always make time to have some fun.
    • Rejoice in your accomplishments and celebrate them with the people who matter most to you.

    We believe that high performing teams have these five characteristics: a) intention: they know what their purpose is and understand their mission; b) commitment: they are fully engaged in accomplishing the objective; c) focus: their actions and decisions are concentrated on reaching the goal; d) harmony: they work in unison to do what needs to be done; e) results: they consistently strive to achieve the desired outcome which to them is the true measure of success. When working with teams we coach them on these principles:

    • Develop a culture that embraces the value of team work and where everyone accepts the idea that personal achievement and organizational success are not mutually exclusive.
    • Individual egos are subordinate to what is in the best interest of the team.
    • Support and trust each other remembering that success is more easily achieved when working collectively.
    • Cultivate an environment that promotes taking initiative and open communication.
    • Offer incentives that reward team work.
    • Volunteer to assist other team members when help is needed.
    • Encourage continuous learning and make exercising creativity a core value of the organization.
    • Recognize and value the contributions of all team members.