Coaching is the process by which a coach helps his clients discover their true meaning and purpose. The coach provides the flashlight that illuminates his clients’ paths. The goal of the coach is to assist his clients by asking empowering questions so that they can find their own answers, which will aid them in overcoming the internal blocks that keep them from reaching their full potential. The relationship between a coach and his clients is built on trust and mutual respect. By being honest, sincere, compassionate and non-judgmental a coach can help affect positive change in his clients’ careers and personal lives.

— Joe Cruz, Founder

Why Hire A Coach?

Among the reasons organizations hire a coach are:

  • To develop their leaders
  • To enhance individual worker’s skills
  • To improve organizational performance
  • To reduce employee turnover

A key finding from a global study commissioned by the American Management Association was that coaching is associated with higher performance.  That same study found that while coaching continues to gain in popularity only about half of the companies surveyed use coaching to develop their leaders and improve employee performance. Another study by Stanford University found that approximately two-thirds of CEOs do not receive any coaching while at the same time 100 percent of those CEOs polled stated that they would like to receive coaching to enhance their development.

Why Is Coaching Important?

A number of surveys have found that over 70 percent of employees are somewhat disengaged from their jobs with 28 percent reported as being completely disengaged.  The cost to employers resulting from this loss of productivity by some estimates ranges anywhere from $250 billion to $500 billion annually. One recommended solution to this dilemma is for companies to utilize coaching as a means for improving the level of employee engagement. A coach can:

  • Help develop leaders who are more in tune with their employees’ values and goals.
  • Enhance employee skills so that they feel valued and appreciated which will lead to greater engagement.
  • Benefit companies through improved productivity and reduced employee turnover, resulting in increased revenues, lower costs and higher profits.

The same AMA study concluded that hiring an external coach offers the best results by far. Their research team reported that coaching will continue to expand and mature as an important leadership development practice. It was their opinion that coaching will be one of the keys to developing and retaining scarce talent in the future and that companies that learn to leverage coaching effectively will gain a significant competitive advantage in the global market place.