Energy Leadership



It is safe to assume that a good number of people have at one time or another experienced adversity or a serious setback in life such as a job loss, divorce, financial difficulties, or the death of a loved one. At that moment they may have felt as though the world had turned against them. Many in that situation often develop a sense of victimization and a belief that they have few options available to them to improve their circumstances. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness that eventually turn into anger over what they consider to be unfair or unjust treatment. They may even want to blame and lash out at others for their predicament. These negative feelings are what we refer to as “catabolic” energy which can occur whenever someone experiences misfortune or conflict. While it is a perfectly normal emotional response the problem arises when some people remain in a catabolic energy level for a prolonged period. Usually it’s because they either unconsciously want to, or can’t seem to figure out a way to develop more positive feelings, or shift into what we refer to as an “anabolic” energy level. Individuals who stay in a catabolic energy level for too long run the risk of harming their emotional, mental and physical health. It can also damage their careers and adversely affect their relationships.

The key tenet of Energy Leadership which was developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) is that we all experience different levels of energy throughout our normal everyday lives. Through Energy Leadership Coaching we help our clients learn how to consciously manage their emotions, thoughts and actions so they can effectively shift from catabolic to anabolic energy.

Through the work of Bruce Schneider, PhD. conducted over a twenty-year period iPEC developed the “Energy Self-Perception Chart” which illustrates the seven levels of energy. The first two energy levels are catabolic and emote feelings of apathy in the case of Level 1, and anger in the case of Level 2. Levels 3 through 7 are anabolic and harbor feelings of forgiveness; compassion; peace; joy; and, absolute passion. The goal of Energy Leadership Coaching is to help our clients develop a deeper understanding of the seven levels of energy and how being in the various levels at any point can affect the way they show up in the world. We then work with our clients to help them learn how to shift their energy level from catabolic to anabolic when the situation requires it. By discovering how to shift from destructive catabolic energy to constructive anabolic energy our clients will be more fully engaged in all aspects of their lives, which leads to higher performance, more healthy interactions with others and a greater sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and joy.
Invenire perception chart