I have known Joe for over twenty years. He has been a tremendous help to me over the years with his financial expertise and knowledge of the business world. I have called on Joe many times for his advice and he has always been helpful. He is a good business man and I consider him my friend. I am sure that he will succeed in his coaching endeavor and that he will be able to assist anyone with their needs.

Calvin J. Miller - Chief Executive Officer, Associated Grocers of Florida, Inc.
Career Coaching

Joe is a professional in all ways, being a great businessman and guide. He has helped our company with his relationships, understanding our business and using his leadership skills to help our company. On a personal level Joe is a generous philanthropic individual who can be counted upon to do the right thing when it comes to people and relationships. I highly recommend Joe as a steadfast individual and a wonderful partner to those who interface with him.

Lewis Gould - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, QEP Co., Inc.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching demands a broad ensemble of talent, education and experience with a unique ability to connect and contribute to enhancing the careers of already highly motivated and successful individuals. Joe has the business focus and results oriented demeanor making him a natural in this demanding profession that crosses the boundaries and is a mandate for those wanting to increase their management effectiveness and motivate their subordinates to the next level. His work is all about exceeding expectations and Joe will not disappoint anyone privileged to experience his tutelage. I have personally benefited from my association with Joe through the years.

Larry Boecklen - Chief Executive Officer, Ampco Products, LLC

I have found Joe to be a very good sounding board and very logical in his approach to issues. His ability to communicate his thoughts in a concise and matter of fact way is very helpful in helping me make prudent decisions on some very sensitive issues.

Devin Grandis - President and CEO Advanced Power Technologies, LLC